I S H I G A K I  V A C A T I O N

Ishigaki Island is Okinawa’s third largest island, featuring many great highlights to be enjoyed. The island offers many spots with beautiful scenery such as the Hirakubozaki Lighthouse, from where you can enjoy stunning views of Kabira Bay —selected as one of the 100 Landscapes of Japan— as well as the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea. There are lively urban areas such as markets with lines of Yaeyama food stalls, magnificent views of nature including Kabira Bay which has been designated as a best scenery site by the national government, and Tamatorizaki Observatory, with its abundant hibiscus flowers. The roads throughout the island allow you to drive around as you enjoy superb views of the sea, so we would highly recommend using a rental car or taxi to visit all the beautiful spots. Ishigaki Island is the center of the Yaeyama region. Based in Ishigaki Island, discover the unique Islands of Yaeyama region.